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My background

March 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

My love for photography began when I was in high school - that is when I got my first SLR camera.  I loved that camera and was so proud to have it for my own use and exploration of the art form of photography.  By my second year of college I began taking photography classes and just loved it.  I have a minor in photography - majoring in Communication Arts.  I was first exposed to professional photography during a summer internship at the NBA.  I completed half a summer in photos and half at NBA Entertainment.  After college I decided on a career as an audio technician working for companies such as the NBA, NHL, ESPN, Access Hollywood, MLB, PBS, and CNBC among others.  

When it was time to think about settling down, I began to teach TV Production to middle schoolers.  I realized how much I liked working with kids while doing a project for PBS.  Teaching was a very rewarding experience.  During this time my husband and I got married and had our first child.  Due to her heart condition, I was unable to return to work and needed to stay home with her.  Then we had two more children.  Now that they are all in school, it is time for me to do what I have always dreamed of doing someday.  

I love photographing.  I love capturing people enjoying themselves, special moments in life, enjoying their families, experiencing life.  It is so rewarding when you can capture someone's personality for preservation of a lifetime.  

My oldest has Williams syndrome (www.williams-syndrome.org) and my middle child has some special needs also.  I have become very involved with the Williams Syndrome Association, Special Olympics, and our special ed PTO because doing things like this makes our lives more enriched - for our three children and for my husband and I.  Through coaching Special Olympics and being around kids with all different kinds of needs, I have learned so much.  These kids have so much to offer us and this is why I have decided to specialize in working with those living with special needs and their families.  Don't get me wrong, I love working with all families, photographing a wedding, taking engagement pictures, but working with families with someone with special needs is so rewarding.  When you get the child who never makes eye contact to look in the camera lens, you know you have captured that second when the child is reaching out to you.  You know you have broken through.  


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